Denis Liddy Recommends Fiddle Pro

Here is what Denis Liddy had to say about the Fiddle Pro.

"The Fiddle Pro is unique in many ways;
- it is unobtrusive
- it is removable
- compact and stylish

Performance-wise it is unrivalled as it is feedback free and gives tone, volume and above all, quality.

All the musicians that have seen it are bowled over by the simplicity of its design but even more so by its performance.

'Well if itís good enough for Denis Liddy to use it I must get one myself!' is a quote I have heard umpteen times already."

Denis Liddy is a well-known and respected fiddle player and music teacher from County Clare, Ireland.

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"The best fiddle microphone I've used" - Ciar·n Tourish of Altan
   "I absolutely love your microphone" - Tony Ludiker


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