Tony Ludiker Recommends Fiddle Pro

Here is what Tony Ludiker had to say about the Fiddle Pro.

"I've had opportunity to use the microphone in the following situations: with a medium-size amplifier in elementary strings classes, with a nice sound system at a fiddle contest (Allen & Heath mixer, etc), with a good sound system with a large praise band. The two trials on good sound equipment using phantom power supplied by the boards were Spectacular! I absolutely love your microphone.

I've used various transducers but I much prefer the Fiddle-Pro. Since I play a lot of Classical music in addition to folk, I really need something removable.

What I love about the Fiddle-Pro is the ease of installation and removal. It takes just a couple of seconds to throw it on the instrument and even less to remove it.

The sound is great, and I love having the mic'd sound as opposed to that of a transducer. It just seems more "natural" to me.

In all, I'd recommend the Fiddle-Pro to any amateur or professional looking for a natural sounding mic/pick-up.

It's a fantastic design - you should have heard the "ooh's" and "ah's" from my fifth grade strings students. They all wanted to hear the violin played with the microphone played really loudly.

I really think you have a wonderful product."

Tony Ludiker is a 5-time US National Fiddle Champion, teacher and publisher of instructional materials for fiddle, based in Idaho, USA.

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"The best fiddle microphone I've used" - Ciar·n Tourish of Altan
   "Performance-wise it is unrivalled" - Denis Liddy


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